The Gathering from the pigeons series is finished. Today it received its final touch and was mounted on a stretcher frame for scanning.

The models were Emma and her first two babies: Willy and Joey. Both lived on our balcony for some time and then decided to start their own life somewhere else. The details you can read in my Pigeon Tales, a diary/blog about the adventure of our feral pigeon family.



this is Willy


this is Emma


this is Joey


Emma is still living with her mate Pete on our balcony – it’s the 4rth year now…


After a long time being busy with other stuff and painting different things I went finally back to my pigeon series. It is inspiring to do something completely different in between – at least I feel I can continue better with ongoing themes when you can switch in the meanwhile.

Today I worked on The Gathering, an acrylic painting with Emma, Willy and Joey as models:

and here is a detail from the plumage of Emma and Joey’s face:

And if you would like to read about our feral pigeon family and what’s going on with them please check my diary/blog, the Pigeon Tales.


My studio has turned into a pigeon hospital after I have a 4th little pigeon with heavy canker infection hospitalized, who will recover hopefully soon. So handfeeding 4 pigeons now twice a day takes up a lot of time but…

…I am also working on the painting The Gathering which happens to develop quite nicely after I had real problems with all the different feather structures. Some pics will follow soon. So be a little patient with me please…..

Here is finally an update on painting #4: The Gathering. The models are Willy – in the background with his wonderful whie cap and his funny face. The second head I am currently working on is Emma, mother of Willy and the third one is Joey, Willy’s little brother.

Emma is rather a nondescript and petite little pigeon at first view but if you watch her for a while you will realize that she has quite a personality. She is very brave and courageous and is not afraid of defending herself and her babies from much larger pigeons, especially cocks. A pecularity are her eyes which somehow have an Asian touch – I hope I could demonstrate this in the painting. Emma also has a wonderful collar of iridescent little feathers, whose strong metallic shimmer appears only in full sunlight. These feathers alone are inspirational for any painting…



I promised you some update on my next painting project. Here it is The Gathering – first wip of the progress of this painting. This time I changed to a vertical format and I decided to go with a red underpainting due to the nature of the new work – a rather dark colour palette.

The models here are Willy, Joey and Emma, the mother of Willy and Joey. Willy and Joey were the first pigeon babies to be “born” on our balcony – both were very sweet and it was a new experience in my life which I never would have missed. You can read about this all in the Pigeon Tales.

The face that is shown here is Willy, a very sweet pigeon with a white cap and white wing feathers. He is also still living on our balcony with Winnie, his mate and sister. Yet currently he is very sick with a PMV (paramyxovirus) infection and hospitalized inside of our appartment. I only can hope that he will recovery completely one day again and join his mate again…

Our pigeons are currently my greatest inspiration. To really show their personalities, their beauty, intelligence and mystic power is the intent of this series.

and btw

a truly HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!


I am currently working on the next painting for this new series and it will be called The Gathering. It will take some time though until I can present some wip – so you may see what I am up to.

Currently I am still spending a lot of time with my 3 sick pigeon family members: Pina, Willy and Jimi who are very dear to me. They need to be handfed 2/3 times a day, given fluid by a syringe, I need to clean the boxes several times etc. etc. But they are making progress – sometimes 2 steps forwards and then comes one backwards from time to time. But the direction goes right.

My new series is therefore getting quite a new dimension – I am living with pigeons, caring for them, dreaming of pigeons and working with them. And they are a big joy in my life despite all the work and time I need for them right now…