The first painting is finished and I have started to work on the next of this new series. Completely different from my usual themes I have finally found my inspirational thread which is truly an issue of my heart. I am not sure where this new series is leading to but I intend to work on this theme for quite a while and I very much hope that you will have as much fun following me through this thread as I have…

Enough words – here is the finished painting:


And here are some details:




The painting is not finished yet – have still to work on some minor issues but I think you can get the draft now how it will look like.

I have yet to get used to the canvas not showing too many “things” but refrain to the most important subject. Any comments would be greatly appreciated…






Size of the painting is 18″ x 26″ – so it is relatively small for my regular painting size…


Since a couple of days I am painting again. The new project is finally about a theme I was very busy with for the last few months: my balcony pigeons. Although the reasons for this (being busy) were quite different from being painting motifs but rather caring for young birds, injuries, sickness and recovery. You can read about all this on my blog diary Pigeon Tales

Now I have come back to my other passion again and started a completely new project about my beloved birds. I do not intend to paint merely pigeon portraits as one would assume but I want to concentrate on some unusual views, close-ups which normally escape the human eye if you don’t have the chance to watch pigeons for 24 hours a day and so close as I can do. I also want to paint in a manner that comes close to photographic realism but also want to keep the painted objects minimalistic i.e. the canvas will have large, seemingly empty areas, contemplative so to speak.

Therefore the first title is Contemplation on a Feather. The image below is a WIP – so no feather yet – 😳



Btw – these are the feet of Pete, the patriarch of our pigeon family. He is an impressive pigeon man with incredibly broad shoulders and beautiful feet with completely white nails.
Here are a few photos of him so that you can see what I am talking about: