Renaming the new Pigeon Painting and Progress (WIP)

February 16, 2011

First of all I decided to re-name the painting: it is called now The Philosopher.  Jimi has always been our little philosopher right from the beginning when he was still a little baby. Somehow he always liked to be alone, separated from the others. And he always seemed to contemplate on something whatever that might have been. He always had his secrets. He was the one who stayed on the balcony for the longest time after he was fully fledged and although he sometimes disappeared for a few days he always came back for his breakfast or little supper.

And then when he became so ill he came home again seeking help here which we gladly supplied. When he had recovered he did not show us step by step – from one day to another he suddenly was able to fly again and eat ba himself. So he totally suprised us. It was different with all our other patients who did excercising every day to re-gain their strength. Jimi was different. He showed us that he was healthy again just one day taking us by surprise.

Since then he has never missed a day to come back home again…

So today I worked on his lovely plumage:

He is a light grey pigeon with broad shoulders and he has a beautiful collar of iridescant feathers shimmering in a lovely green and purple colour. The challenge here is to re-create the moment when he appears on the balcony balustrade in a contre-jour light that creates something like a tiny halo around his body.



One Response to “Renaming the new Pigeon Painting and Progress (WIP)”

  1. stefi Says:

    Wow! Just unbelievable! The quality of the detail. His eye looks so real.

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