New Painting (WIP) from the Pigeon Series

February 13, 2011

Today I continued working on the 5th painting on my Pigeons series. It is merely a portrait of Jimi, one of our PMV survivors and a son of Pete and Emma, who live on our balcony. You can read about these stories in my Pigeon Tales if you like.

Jimi is such a sweet one, calm and often seems to be a bit lonely. Already as a baby he was different. He always tried to find a calm corner, did not like to be around all the others, kind of outsider. He often came intomy studio, flew on my easel and sat there while I was working on my computer.  A very affectionate little pigeon.

Then, in December before last year, he became very sick and we already thought that we might lose him. It was a PMV (Paramyxovirus) infection. I could hospitalize him before his seizures became really bad and he could not eat any more by himself. If he had not looked for help here he certainly would have died. He was only a shadow of himself and very depressed for two weeks. But then he got used to find himself closed in a box, being handfed 3 times a day and taken care of and slowly he started to recover. End of March Jimi could be released to gether with his big love Alice who had been our patient as well.

Since then he is doing well although at the moment he suffers from a large body tumor on his right side under his wing which will hopefully dry out soon and fall off. Poor little Jimi – he’s been through so much. Therefore I will call this painting “The Survivor”. (renamed to “The Philosopher”)




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