Only some Pigeon Love

October 20, 2010

Just thought I am sharing some photos about our formerly sick pigeons when they are in love so that you can see why I am so crazy about them. Well – it has nothing to do with painting directly but you might understand why I love them so much becoming my models. This is pure cuteness overload:

Pina and Willy (before they had completely recovered):

Winnie being held after feeding (when she was still very sick):

Jimi and Alice just before their release into freedom:

Jimi and Alice when they came back each day for getting breakfast:

Willy and Pina before he left her (Pina was still not releasable):

Pina and me – she is my absolute treasure, an absolutely unusual bird:

My favourite bird on my favourite sculpture:

And finally Pina and her great love Rudi (a bird with a severe string injury that nearly lost his feet):


Oh – and if you would like to know more about the adventures of our pigeon family read my diary the Pigeon Tales.




6 Responses to “Only some Pigeon Love”

  1. Rev Says:

    Such beautiful pigeons!! 🙂

  2. Jana Bouc Says:

    Such sweetness and love in these photos. Blessings on you for caring for these birds and saving their lives.

  3. vyala Says:

    Jana, you bring tears to my eyes – thank you! They are so very special

  4. Janee Larson Says:

    Aloha from Ohau,
    I have a friend looking to START raising pigeons. He is experienced with large tropical birds and would like to get into pigeons. Can you refer me to someone whom sells birds that can get him going? Please call Jane’e LArson 808-291-6505
    I raise on North Shore here but he shouldn’t bother to have my birds shipped. Too stressful. Wants two thanks

  5. Janee Larson Says:

    Looking for pigeons for beginner please connect by phone or e-mail 808-291-6505 thanks I sent an earlier email and forgot # Aloha

  6. vyala Says:

    Aloha Janee,
    if your friend is so much in love with pigeons s/he should not start breeding but talking care for pigeons who desperately need a good home. Contact animal shelter, sanctuaries who take care for birds. I am sure they would be glad to find a new home for their rescues.

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