Here are the best News since Months!

June 25, 2010

From Greenpeace I received this email today:

Latest news and action alert from Greenpeace

Dear Petra,

We did it! Thanks to YOU, the Obama Administration kept its promise to save whales at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) talks. As a result, the IWC was unable to lift the ban on commercial whaling!

As I sat in a stuffy meeting room in Agadir, Morocco with delegates and representatives from other nations, I knew I wasn’t alone in working to help save the whales. I had more than 1.5 million passionate people, like YOU, with me there in spirit supporting the whales and standing up to tell the President that they deserve to be saved, not slaughtered.

While the gathering nations failed to implement new plans for whale conservation, I’m pleased that our President and his team stood their ground in the end, thanks to your efforts.

This year, the best we could do was preventing the IWC from rolling back protections for whales. Next year, we need to apply even more pressure so the IWC will close dangerous loopholes that have allowed Japan, Iceland, and Norway to continue killing whales.

Thank you for all your support. The whales are breathing a big sigh of relief!

For the whales,
Phil Kline
Phil Kline
Oceans Campaigner

You cannot imagine how happy I was about these news. The petition has worked and Greenpeace did it again with all their energy and commitment.
I was so extremely unhappy about the infamous plans to make whaling a commercial act of cruelty again. I really really hope that people like Greenpeace and others who care will be soon successful in banning all killing of a creature that I was lucky to see and hear in reality while diving in the pacific waters around the Hawaiian islands. It was an encounter that imprinted on my soul and I will never forget it again.
May all the kind spirits of the universe give support to the difficult task to make our world a bit better again and increase the awareness of mankind that we, the human species, do not own this planet but that we only have the right to share it with other living beings. I very much hope that this right will not be lifted one day…

This is also another example where the internet served as a tool to wake up people in order to raise their voice. Isn’t this wonderful when we, the peoples, can do what we are entitled to do, to watch over the actions of politicians and make them really do what WE want them to do? Rarely enough we suceed in doing this…

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