The World of the Whales – and the Humpback

May 24, 2010

I take the last post about American plans to commercialize whaling again as a one of the most terrifying and saddening reasons to talk about this silk painting and the little series of Magic Creatures.

Isn’t it enough that we have already extinguished innumerable species on this planet out of ignorance and lack of education? Is it really necessary that we slaughter one of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on the earth for profit – not for food – although there are arguments which try to convince us to do so? Even if there were – there aren’t – enough whales swimming in the oceans – is it really ethical to kill a creature that has proven intelligence, a social behaviour, communication skills over thousands of miles and much more capabilities?

Our oceans are already that much polluted that many species already die from all the chemicals, nuclear stuff and other waste that is dumped into the seas – isn’t this enough? Oil spilling from oil tankers and the latest catastrophe in the gulf of Mexico where the oil platform Deepwater Horizon exploded and according to newest reports 50.000 barrel of crude oil are running into the sea DAILY! will cause a massacre among sealife and later on on the land as well because everything will be contanimated. Imagine that! And not enough – in order to split up the oil film on the surface tons of very poisonous chemicals are dumped into the water. It is a tragedy and I dare not to imagine what we will see in the next months.

I could go on and on. The pain that I feel about all this is unbearable…


40″ x 13″, silk

The world of the whales is the ocean – but how long still?

The whale we know the most about is the Humpback whale.  Nevertheless there are enough “unknown facts” which need to be de-coded.

Whales are mammals – no fish – and extremely intelligent, a social being with unbelievable skills and a very sophisticated communication. Did you know that they have dialects? And they can sing – at least various species and only the males. When you have heard them once underwater you will never forget this again!

I am not going to list all facts about humpbacks and other whales –  the Internet is full of information if you want to know more about these wonderful creatures.  I can only say that when I heard a humpback for the first time, diving on Maui, I could never forget that sound again and the fascination I feel for them.

Imagine that: these intelligent creatures are still hunted and killed, especially by countries which do not depend on the income of these killings at all due to their fortune, countries such as Norway, Iceland and Japan.

The ploys of the whaling lobby are incredible. Small and poor countries are bribed in order to buy their votes during the trade-offs  of the whaling commission and much more.

I feel sick continuously when I think about the greed and ignorance  of certain people, who sacrifice all and everything.

Nonetheless something amazing is happening again and again: although the whales seem to have something like a collective conscience and memory they are extremely gentle creatures, who forgive all those cruelties the human being is doing to them.  How else would you explain that specifically humpbacks are curious, seek to be near to the human, seemingly trying to communicate and behave completely peaceful while we can enjoy this incredible encounter of the 3rd kind? Nearly every wild animal tries to avoid the presence of man. A humpback could easily crash a boat and kill the swimmer who is near him…




There exist innumerable stories and reports about humpbacks and other whales which prove how sensitive and intelligent they are. One of the stories can be read here.  It is a very moving story about a female humpback caught dangerously in a fishernet, divers who cut her out of it and how she thanked her rescuers.

This is also a very interesting article (ScienceDaily). It is about – more or less – brain cells, which can be found in whales as well as in humans and which play a big role regarding cognitive skills – with the bottomline that we still know too little about the true capacities of certain animals.




My biggest wish is that neither humpback whales nor all the other animals become a myth in the end as it happened to so many other species on this planet. Even if many things are exaggerated, their meaning twisted and adapted to the appropriate interests it is quite obvious that dead and quiet oceans would be something terrifying even menacing because this would be the same fate of mankind.

Today we have the Internet – everybody has access to information and no-one could argue with the excuse “I did not know”! Anyone on this planet is responsible for his immediate environment. Anyone should name the things which need to be changed. Small steps are necessary – those in your own home… we only have one world!




3 Responses to “The World of the Whales – and the Humpback”

  1. Rev Says:

    So true, all you have written. My heart is sad and heavy to think about the cruelty whales – indeed all animals on this planet – have to endure from the hands of humans. We should be re-labelled as a virus, not mammals!

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  3. vyala Says:

    Thank you Revati!

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