So many Things to do, an Apology again and a sad Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010

Seems as if I am currently apologizing all the time to YOU, my dear readers. I know this is a lame excuse in the meanwhile and I feel truly sorry in case you visited my blog only to find still old posts. I promise this will get better again.

I still have 2 pigeons to care for quite intensely, have released Willy in the meanwhile, had another rescue but this was an easy case – just took days to catch the pij in order to free her from a stupid washing peg that was sticking to her toe. Can you imagine? A poor pijjie walking with those click-clack noises because of a washing peg on her foot? But this could have ended fatally in case she got stuck in some netting or any other filaments. Oh my – this never ends.

I was also busy with opening up an Etsy online store for my artwork to make it easier for you to purchase my work. As this is a trustworthy organization and selling platform I thought that this might be the best way to increase shopping safety especially for those customers who don’t know me yet. What is your opinion about this? Would be interesting for me to know.

My new little blog Art for Sophisticated Interior still serves as a gallery with many detail photos and a short story that goes with the work but I think many people still are reluctant to buy directly from a blog – applicable at least for those who come first time. It is always a good thing to have an independant organisation to watch over business issues in case you would have any complaints (what heaven may foreclose!).
This means that those works which are presented on this blog and which are labeled with the Etsy button can be purchased via Etsy. Of course you can purchase my work still also directly from me!

Click on the button and you will be led directly to my shop. Very easy.

I really hope you will love it and visit often. Unfortunately there are not many artworks in my shop yet – it will take time to fill it up. But I will do my best.

It is quite time-consuming to set up such a shop when you want to do it right and nice looking which is very important for me because it functions like a business card. Ha! They always say it is easy – and that is right – but they never tell you that it really takes time.

And on a last note: today is Mother’s Day.

For all of you out there who still have a mother – I lost mine last year and it is the second Mother’s Day now that I can do nothing else but lighting a candle, memorizing many little stories, her love, her care, her humour and laughter and the fun we had together. It is a sad day for me but I am also glad at the same time that there was nothing left to say.

How often does it happen that in times of a crisis where you leave bad words to someone you love you will not have enough time any more to get things right again. So all of you out there – if you still have a mother you love but could not be able to tell her so – just do it before it might be too late. It can happen any minute and you will regret it.

This is for you Mom – I love you so much!


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