Good News from my Pigeon Hospital

March 31, 2010

Finally I have good news from my pigeon hospital: Jimi and Alice have been released 2 days ago and they are doing very well. Jimi had a PMV infection, was hospitalized for 4 months, he could neither eat by himself, nor fly and now fully recovered through our intensive care.

Alice came to us beginning of Feb with a very bad bacterial infection and nearly died. She was unable to eat, unable to fly. Also she fully recovered and fell in love with Jimi. So Jimi and Alice are now a couple. How cute is this?

I hardly had time on Monday to do anything else but watching both. You really could see how happy they were and how they loved to fly free again. They stopped many times on the balcony which made me very happy as I had feared that they would be off and gone. But the contrary happened – they took a snack here from time to time and they slept during the night on the balcony!

Yesterday it was even better: both came into my studio as if this were the most natural thing to do and really had their meal here. When I was feeding Angelo in the late morning – he always jumps on my arm while I am holding the food bowl and cannot stand when another pijjie wants to eat there too – his Mama is all his!!! That's too funny That's too funny That's too funny – Jimi jumped on my other arm and both pijjies ate from the food bowl.

I watched Alice eating from the ground together with the others – so I was so relieved that they picked up their normal life. I wonder what will happen tonight and during the next days. The weather forecast is not so good for the next days but I am sure now that Jimi and Alice will manage it.

Here is the little video from the release:

And a couple of photos from the balcony:

And here is a photo with their friend Blacky – who often visited them looking into the window from outside!!! Isn’t this cute?

Now we have 3 sick pigeons left to care for which means that I have more time for myself again and I can go back to regular work again. What a relief! I am so happy that these 2 birds hare happy and healthy again.


2 Responses to “Good News from my Pigeon Hospital”

  1. Revati Says:

    What a wonderful day for you and the pigeons!! So happy to hear that they have recovered and are flying well again! 😀
    You’ve done amazing work in helping them to recover! What a star!! 😀

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you so much Revati, but what could you do else if you love these birds?

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