A new Blog as Selling Platform

March 5, 2010

Selling through the Internet is nothing new any more and for many artists this works perfectly for small works while adding a simple Paypal button.

I thought that this might work for me too although I don’t sell small works but rather bigger ones. Nevertheless I think it is a good idea to have my work condensed at one place, without too much schnick-schnack around it, too much text and discussions – simply easy to find, easy to scroll through lots of detail photos and links if someone wants to know more about it.

There is still a website to show all the recommendations, publications and exhibitions which are proof enough for the quality of my work. These can easily be checked in the internet where you don’t have access to sites, texts etc. in order to manipulate one’s reputation although today probably anything could be manipulated.

In the end it is also fun to try something new and you know I never deny giving this a try. So if you have got time check this out:

Art for Sophisticated Interior

A Resource for Wood Carving, Painting and Textile Art


One Response to “A new Blog as Selling Platform”

  1. limewire Says:

    wow nice info man.

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