My Studio is still a Pigeon Hospital and I am not working on my Painting

March 2, 2010

No – I am not going to make a ridicule about all this – just wanted to give you a small update on what is going on right now.

I have made a commitment and this belongs currently to my sick pigeons – 5 now altogether. Yes – this may appear irrational but I am a dedicated anmial lover and take this very seriously. In a world which seems to develop into a wrong direction, where everything seems to be driven by profit and business only, where there seems to be no place for the old, the weak, the sick – human or animal – I need to make a point. You may call me crazy because there are enough human problems out there which need to be solved but who is taking care of those souls which are of less value than a human?

So painting can wait for a little while – I think……..

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