One Year…

January 17, 2010

Today is a sad day of memories: my mother died one year ago and I miss her awfully. I often talk to her in my head but I wished I could tell her all those little stories, good or bad, that happened throughout the year as I always did in the past on the phone at least once a week or while visiting her in her house, although not so often. But this is not possible any more and I miss it.
I even miss our little quarrels from time to time, her shaking her head while I did or said something she could not understand or agree to, I miss her humour which never left her, not even in her darkest hours and her hearty laughter from time to time. We had a lot of fun together despite all those dark hours.

My Mom loved her rose garden. Roses were her passion and she could indulge in reading about them, studying them. Her rose garden is gone now and so she is. I hope she’s got a huge rose garden now with all those beauties of the world. If I only had had more time with her – there is never enough time…

Mama – where are you? I love you so much…



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