An Update on the new Painting – The Gathering (WIP)

January 13, 2010

Here is finally an update on painting #4: The Gathering. The models are Willy – in the background with his wonderful whie cap and his funny face. The second head I am currently working on is Emma, mother of Willy and the third one is Joey, Willy’s little brother.

Emma is rather a nondescript and petite little pigeon at first view but if you watch her for a while you will realize that she has quite a personality. She is very brave and courageous and is not afraid of defending herself and her babies from much larger pigeons, especially cocks. A pecularity are her eyes which somehow have an Asian touch – I hope I could demonstrate this in the painting. Emma also has a wonderful collar of iridescent little feathers, whose strong metallic shimmer appears only in full sunlight. These feathers alone are inspirational for any painting…




2 Responses to “An Update on the new Painting – The Gathering (WIP)”

  1. You are absolutely magic. I adore your work. It touches my soul.

  2. vyala Says:

    Charis, thank you so much for this lovely comment. This means a lot to me!

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