New Painting “Rain Dancer” from the Pigeon Series is finished

December 13, 2009

The third painting of the pigeon series is finished. Rain Dancer is on the frame and has been signed and scanned. I think if I had painted especially this one on a much larger canvas it would have been much more impressive. But currently I don’t have the space for really large canvases.

I am quite happy with the result although there are always bits and pieces which could have been better. There is always the chance for improvement on the next one.

Enough words – everything about this piece has been said already – here is the finished painting now and some details:



2 Responses to “New Painting “Rain Dancer” from the Pigeon Series is finished”

  1. BurlWoodElf Says:

    Very nice detail work.

    Just like you – you can always see where in the piece you could have done some bit differently to improve on the overall work – the problem is – very few others see that same thing – they see a piece they either enjoy and have a positive emotion in relation with it or they see a piece they have little enjoyment from. Me – I like the painting

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you so much for this very nice comment on my work, Jay. I can only give the compliment back to you. I love your work. It is wonderful, interesting, unique and with lots of humorous elements, simply a wonderful mixture. I love to work with wood as well…

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