Bad News continue but there is a Light…

December 4, 2009

You would not believe it but in the meanwhile I have hospitalized 3 members of our pigeon family: Pina is sick, her Daddy Willy as well and Pina’s uncle Jimi too. All 3 of them have a PMV infection which means, feeding them 3 times a day as well as giving them to drink with a syringe, cleaning 3 boxes, cooking a lot of hot water for three water bottles to keep them warm, which is the most important so that they can use their energy for healing.

After leaving my panic behind me I have learned to cope with the situation with the help of my dear partner and the kindest people in the world – the people from the Pij’n Angels Forum.

We will do our best to make these birds healthy again but it will take probably a while. No matter how long it will take they are cared for. Each day there are little positive progresses.

In between I sneek in a little painting, some other work and all the other things that need to be done. I hope to have more time for painting again soon…


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