Progress on “The Rain Dancer” (WIP)

November 12, 2009

It is taking time – painting feathers is really a time consuming “job” but it is also entertaining and I am learning a hell-uva-lot about the consistency of feathers and how you can interpret them in colour. It looks in fact so simple but I realized it is quite tricky especially where you don’t have much different shades because the feathers are all white or all grey. The contours seem to disppear yet it is necessary to show their fluffiness and make them look 3-dimensional. Otherwise the whole painting looks completely flat.

Although I am working from a lot of photographs here I have realized that you need to know the bird, you need to actually see how the feathers grows and in which direction the bird can puff them up. I am watching Pete now since nearly 2 years and he surprises me again and again. And I am enchanted by his lovely plumage which he always keeps in utmost care and beauty.

And while I am observing “our” pijjies closely I have realized that the birds can make very well different face: Pete f.e. sometimes makes a funny face like in this protrait because he loves showering, sometimes he looks sad and depressed (especially in bad weather) and sometimes he looks really content – when he can take a sunbath.

This is defitnitely his funny face:



There is still a lot of work to do and I try my best to really show his lovely plumage…



2 Responses to “Progress on “The Rain Dancer” (WIP)”

  1. Susan Shie Says:

    Dear Petra. I LOVE your pigeon painting of Pete. It’s so poetic and spirited, at the same time! I love the rendering of the feathers, which have so many textures to get lost into!

    I’m also doing some realistic work, in drawings, because I’m going to start teaching beginning drawing from life, which I taught to undergards, while I was in graduate school. Just got myself a new stash of serious drawing supplies. 🙂

    Much love to you, Susan

  2. vyala Says:

    Oh dear Lucky, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I treasure this very much as it is coming from you!
    I am looking forward very much to see your new work and wish you much much fun with it. 😛

    A big hug to you, Petra

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