It is done – new Painting is finished

October 30, 2009

The second painting from the new pigeon project Contemplation on a Predator is finished. I scanned the painting today. I must say, the original does look better than the photo and viewed from a distance makes the skull glow dangerously  😮 – this is not quite visible in the photo – probably due to the subdued pastel colours – although in nearly all cases the scans of my paintings come very close to the original.

Of course I have no influence on the appearance on other monitors which may be of great disadvantage because of all the different settings people have on their computers. So there is always the danger of creepy colours on someone else’s monitor. I know for example that Dell monitors tend to show colours with a greenish touch which looks devastating on certain images. I have no idea why they do that. Heaven may forbid that…

Now enough words – here is the finished painting:







While the skull turned out quite nicely in the end I am not content with the feathers yet. In my opinion they are still too coarse. I am working towards getting a photorealistic result but am far from that goal. I like the colour composition though – this is exactly as I planned it.

Off to the next painting and more feathers…


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