Contemplation on a Feather – new Painting finished

October 4, 2009

The first painting is finished and I have started to work on the next of this new series. Completely different from my usual themes I have finally found my inspirational thread which is truly an issue of my heart. I am not sure where this new series is leading to but I intend to work on this theme for quite a while and I very much hope that you will have as much fun following me through this thread as I have…

Enough words – here is the finished painting:


And here are some details:




3 Responses to “Contemplation on a Feather – new Painting finished”

  1. kseverny Says:

    i like these, its the softness of the tone

  2. Jana Bouc Says:

    I was just wondering if you were ever going to paint your pidgies! So glad to see the series starting. THose feet are wonderful!

  3. vyala Says:

    Oh yes, Jana, I wanted to do it a long time ago but I could not find the right approach. I did not want to paint just portraits of the birds but show them in a bit more unusual way. I really hope that I found an intriguing way to make people look a bit closer and make them try to see more than just “rats with wings”.
    If I only could paint all the love and compassion I feel in the presence of these wonderful creatures…

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