Sorry again – no Art yet but…

September 10, 2009

I must admit I am a bad blogger at the moment, especially when it comes to talking about art.

Several projects that I started have been tossed aside again simply because I could not work on it. This year has been a crazy and distressing year for me so far – first my mother died which put me off my regular life completely. So many things happened, so many thoughts and and and…there was simply no time for making art, nor did I have the nerve to even think about it. You can imagine. But new work is on the way – mainly in my head so far…
The next was the problems with our feral pigeon family. This family means a lot to me – they were a big consolation while I was so sad about the death of my Mom and while other people worry about their pets instead we have wild pets on the balcony and they are very dear to me. First 2 babies died for unknown reasons. So we let the younger couple breed. The result were 2 adorable little creatures which I absolutely love.

From my diary Pigeon Tales you can read everything you want to know and all the details which happened the past months.  It has become a real project for me because I am documenting everything I get to know about pigeons. I have shot innumerable photos, made slideshows and last but not least created quite a bunch of videos which are in fact very amusing and reveal a lot about these amazing birds who are generally way underestimated.

If I can change the bad opinions and prejudices of at least a few people I have achieved my goal.

The babies have kept me very busy until today because they have encountered some bad experiences in their young lives already, first a nearly deadly attack from another pigeon who nearly killed my sweet little Pina and then the babies got quite sick. Probably a result from all the stress. Animals react on stress the same way as humans do: they become ill.

I can say for the moment that they are okay again and are enjoying their life. And I hope very much that this is it.

I have added some more little videos so you can see how amusing these little creatures are:





One Response to “Sorry again – no Art yet but…”

  1. sandy Says:

    I loved this video. I have hanging planters like that around that I put bird seed in and my mourning doves and pigeons love to roost in them. Just came across your blog so haven’t seen anything else but these videos, which is what caught my eye so far.

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