What I am doing right now…

August 7, 2009

I am afraid I still cannot get back to art right now because I am busy with these at the moment:



These are Peppi and Pina (from Peppina), the babies of Willy and Winnie, who again are the kids of Emma and Pete, a pigeon couple that lives on our balcony since last year. Since this year Willy and Winnie are living on our balcony as well. And once a year they are allowed to have babies – all the eggs both couples are laying are replaced by plaster eggs – otherwise….

This is an adventure I would recommend to anyone who loves animals and especially birds. It is unbelievable how intelligent and adaptive these birds are. Their personalities and behaviour is amazing and I consider myself as a very lucky person to have been given this gift.

Since last year I write a diary and documentary about our pigeon family with lots of photos, slideshows and little videos. If you would like to check this out – here it is and you will love it.

Pigeon Tales

Why am I keeping these little buggers inside? Because a very evil bastard pigeon came a couple of days ago and nearly scalped little Pina and wounded Peppi. I found both babies bleeding like crazy, with deep puncture wounds in their little heads. That foreign pigeon wanted to steal the nest and tried to kill our babies. This I could not let happen so I took them inside…

You can read the whole story soon on my pigeon blog.

Well – you can say this has to do with art indirectly – writing and photographing is another art form – isn’t it? Watching animals can be so inspirational and the time you can do this is much too short anyway. These little buggers will be grown too soon and then the time for painting is coming back…

Here are 2 YouTube videos:

Peppi and Pina on their first Walk


Peppi and Pina feeding


2 Responses to “What I am doing right now…”

  1. Jana Bouc Says:

    I adore you for doing this. I had a little birds nest outside my bedroom window that became a happy obsession for the brief period before the baby(s?) fledged. It’s so wonderful you’re caring for this family. I’m going to send a link to fellow art blogger Roz Stendahl who has a great love for pigeons. I know she’ll be interested to see this. Have you done any sketching of your little bird family?

  2. vyala Says:

    Dear Jana, thank for this sweet comment. Yes, I have realized that nothing is more rewarding than watching animals and their little habits. It makes me simply happy.
    Also thank you so much for your lovely compliment you sent to your friend. I really hope that she will enjoy the blog. I also hope that all people who come to visit that blog will start to revise their prejudices about pigeons. What would cities be without their animals which so interestingly adopt to human life.

    I haven’t really started to sketch “my” darlings yet – I am too busy photographing and filming them – shame on me. But it’s part of my plans…

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