The serious Artist…

June 19, 2009

Today I loved to read Robert Genn’s newsletter about the serious artist. If you haven’t subscribed to his newsletter you will have to wait until next Tuesday in order to be able to read it online. If you want to subscribe – it is truly valuable – you may do this on his website The Painter’s Keys

The tenor of this special newsletter is “don’t take yourself too seriously”! Robert says “You may know of artists who take themselves so seriously they become significant hazards at dinner parties.” This sentence brings it to the point!

You also may enjoy a post I wrote way back in January:  Art is there to use and enjoy.

In many respects I have changed my mind also – just as Robert said – at the beginning of my carreer I felt insecure, took too many things about art and especially about my own art too seriously and then it happens easily that you lose your joy doing it. This is not the case any more. I have enough self-esteem to do what I really love to do and not because someone else tells me what to do.

So I decided not to press myself any longer when I don’t feel like painting but rather take the camera and snap away what Mother Nature is offering right now…


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