Re-Worked – Contemplation of an old Silk Carving (part 2)

April 19, 2009

The silk carving technique derived from quilting techniques and my wood carving. Working on a different material such as wood I thought about the possibilities of sculpting silk. The combination of different techniques or using materials in a completely different environment as they were supposed to be used has always intrigued me. Other than cutting away material in order to create a bas-relief or even a fully sculptured piece in wood or stone I had to work vice versa – adding material.




The basis is one single piece of silk – mostly a dupion or any other slightly stronger and thicker silk. There is nothing added or sewn on the surface of the work. That’s the characteristic of these works. All material is added from the reverse side in several layers and with a special technique I am not going to talk about in detail – cannot give all my secrets away – can I?




As you can see from these details – there is quite a depth to those bas-reliefs.
The gestures are driven by the extremes of emotions: from absolute anger and rage, to helplessness and despair, begging without hope. The light seems to be out of reach for any of these hands. A metaphor for so many people on this planet.






3 Responses to “Re-Worked – Contemplation of an old Silk Carving (part 2)”

  1. Jana Bouc Says:

    This work is absolutely amazing! Did you actually re-do the whole thing or did you rework the fabric to change the color? I’m glad that you’re coming through your period of mourning with some art energy again. How amazing to have your mother’s journals to explore during your grieving. How far back do her journals go? Are you learning many things that are surprising to you?

  2. vyala Says:

    Hi Jana, I re-worked the fabric in order to change the colour which was quite an ordeal because the silk did not accept the new colour shades easily. Finally I gave the whole work a kind of varnish with a thinned acrylic lacquer to give it some sheen so that the impression of metal was increased.

    My mother’s diaries go back into the mid 7o’s and end 3 years before she died with a few gaps in between. They are partially travel diaries which describe her impressions but mostly very ordinary little things. But just these common things are the ones which are so valuable to me, the perceptions she had from certain things happening, little misunderstandings, her fears and her happiness – things she never had talked about besides in the last 2 years of her life…

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