Found – The Art of Glass

January 15, 2009

This is the beginning of a new series Found. For my own work I am doing a lot of research on the internet. And while doing this I “meet” a lot of other people’s art and crafts which I really like. So this inspired me to pass it on to my readers who may not know about these artists and their works.

I do not plan to cover this in any special order nor do I have a special timing right now for this series because I have enough other work to do. But maybe you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Glass has always been a material of fascination for me since my childhood. Being attracted by the transparency, the glitzi effect when the sunlight met the surface and all those colours – hmm those colours – in a simple glass marble, have always been a miracle for me. Even today I am collecting all sorts of glass spheres, small ones, big ones, crystal clear or just transparent and I love beads. If I had more time I certainly would start to work more with beads but you have to set priorities. There is nothing similar to the glow when the sunlight shines through a bright red or orange glass sphere – it is as if the sun herself has materialized in your hand!

Whenever I have the chance to watch  glassblowers in action, I do so. Nothing is more mysterious for me than to watch how something so delicate and fragile as a vase or a beautiful drinking glass or a bowl emerge from a glowing lump of quartz sand, soda ash and soda lime.

I am starting with the work of Nathan and Elizabeth Hoogs, a husband and wife team working in molten glass, working together for 8 years now.

Here are a few images of their work:

perfume greenvase



(photos used with permission)

Especially the last bowl is reminiscent of a wonderful landscape in the rainforests of the Amazon or Africa where you can find glades with little lakes right in the middle of huge woodlands. The swirling around of the colours seem to be created by a big maelstrom, a favourite subject of Edgar Allan Poe – metaphor perhaps for the disappearing of our natural landscapes and rainforests. Well – that’s my interpretation not the one of Liz and Nathan! 😛
Despite all that interpretation Liz and Nathan’s work is breathtakingly sensuous with its colours and wonderfully delicate in its forms. Check out their website on Etsy if you would like to see more…



One Response to “Found – The Art of Glass”

  1. Loved your article. I am a fellow artist and only just recently been thinking about adding glass painting to my reportoire. This article has finally convinced me to try this medium for myself. The pics you provided about the glass art are really special. Will try and keep you up to date as to how my venture will prgress.

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