Iceworld – a Silk Scroll for the Season (part 1)

January 9, 2009


79″ x 25″, silk



This silk scroll was inspired by images from the arctic world with their icebergs and ice caves which form fantastic and unearthly landscapes. The forms which are created by mother nature when the ice is melting make any sculptor go green with envy. And the colour blue gains a completely new signification. Every painter on this world would need to amplify his palette just for all the shades of blue here.






The amazing turquoise hues in the waters of the artic see seem to invite for a bathing pleasure if they weren’t so damn cold 😯 .
Btw – did you know that the crystal clear dark ice of the glaciers and the icebergs that is formed only under immense pressure is called “black ice”?


iceworld5 iceworld6






Imitating the colours of these landscapes is only partially possible. But at least silk is the perfect material for such a purpose, because paints can flow into one another just as it happens in nature with the colour shades. Also the lucency of silk and paints is perfect for painting such landscapes. More in the next batch of images…





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