Art is there to use and enjoy – not a holy Cow!

January 2, 2009

First of all a very Happy and Sucessful New Year to everybody, a world of peace and health for any living being! Yes – I think peace and health, health of body and mind are the most important things in life. May the year 2009 be a better one than the last.

I look forward not backwards and I am looking forward to new opportunities and new challenges. I live each day as it comes, think of the future as an opportunity and the past as a series of experiences which carry me on and give me the means to master what is to come.

I am not going to make a recap of what I have achieved and what I missed as so many other people do, because that’s the past. Lingering on that only to realize that nearly all the plans you made the year before were missed due to incalculable events that drag you down. So the past is the past – here comes the future.

In November I started a new blog on blogspot for various reasons (sorry wordpress) that is called Art and Interior. This blog is about ideas how art can be applied into an existing or new interior, how art can be more than just decoration if placed in the right environment.

Example for a truly opulent paradigm:



Original image source from
The wood carving is “Krishna and Radha”, hand carved by Petra Voegtle


The motivation behind this blog was that I became aware that it is nearly as much fun to place art into the right interior as creating art. I also realized that many people are simply afraid of art (and I mean paintings, sculptures not small decoration/handicraft items) so that they do not dare to buy something on their own without consulting their gallerist or interior designer! It’s that evil little thing called taste that a lot of people do not own themselves, know about it, even admit it and therefore need someone professional although this is a very double-etched thing to do sometimes. Many interior designers represent their taste and preferences – not the ones of the customer. Soon you’ll realize that the very same style appears everywhere especially when it’s trendy and famous (you can see this in certain colour schemes, attributes such as certain modern chairs, similar carpets, furnishings, drapings etc.). The question yet is whether the customer really feels happy with the result.

So I thought why not help people to get ideas, motivate them to make their own decisions, actually enjoy buying art and then really loving it at home, stimulate them to make friends envious and to brag about possessing one of those rare pieces from … (me) and not something everybody has in his home. Unless – of course – people never surf the internet on their own to look for this kind of stuff. So it is up to the interior designer again to find the right object. But you would be astonished WHO is surfing the internet – so the idea may not be so wrong in fact.

As a full-time painter you may say – so what’s the point? Painting is my profession and my passion – I am not interested in where my work  is going to be hung, whether in a museum or on someone’s bathroom door – I don’t care – the essence is that I have sold my painting and someone loves it! But would you want your paintings to be hung on someone’s bathroom door or in the kitchen? Well – that’s a differnt story…
Another passionate painter may not sell anything at all because he’s painting for his leisure only. This is perfectly okay too.

But I say that art needs a home. What is art for than to be seen? Perfect is the museum or any other public place because then and only then lots of people will be able to see what you are passionate about. A slightly bigger fraction where art can be seen is the home of a collector – this is really nice and does help the artist to survive and continue with his passion but unfortunately this is not for all.

In order to change this fraction there is need for action. One way or the other most people lack inspiration. I have experienced this many times when talking to a gallerist or art dealer: “we are dealing with a different style from your work is referring to” – is the answer without them making the tiniest effort to try before rejecting. Even in the era of software programs and editing images rarely do people try to think about differnt paths and possibilities before they recline and sit on their elongated backs. It may just be too much of a hassle or work to do when there are always people who are ready to pay nevertheless! This way things will not change and artists will continue to make themselves dependent on expensive fees etc.

So what I want to say with all this is that art is not a holy cow that may not be touched even if there are some “elitists” out there who may sniff at what I am saying. You cannot be everybody’s darling. People collect all sorts of things and are ready to pay a hell-uva-lot of money for shoes, bags and other stuff – so why not for art? The shoes are worn out soon, the bags will be boring after a time so it can happen with art. But why not selling it again and buy new?

Art is primarily not made for being covered with dust for centuries (I have written about this before) but for people to enjoy. If you wanna see art made for humankind visit the churches, the cultural places of our heritage or the big museums.  But for everthing else you need to find a place yourself. And if you care about your work as much what people do with it then help them to find the best possible solution. Who knows better than you, the artist, what’s in your work – in every respect?

Any idea sparked out of this?


Original image source from “Moroccan Interiors”, Taschen Verlag 1995
The art on the wall is a silk scroll “The Palace” by Petra Voegtle




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