Sun – another Silk Scroll about Agates and Interior Design

December 20, 2008

I thought I’ll bring this one for a change because the weather is awful at the moment. It is dark, awfully wet – it does not stop raining – and creepy cold although it’s above the freezing point. But it is just like those stay-in-the-bed-and-pull-the-blanket-over-your-head-days! Yuck!



55″ x 23″, silk


Now – the official title for this silk scroll is Sun. And sunlight is what I would need most at the moment but apparently this won’t happen. So I have to find a compensation, i.e. different colours – like these?

But in order to not make it so drop dead serious there is another name for this – fried egg – but don’t tell anyone – promised?




The detail pics show again the beading which is a major part of these silk scrolls. The tiny glass beads are the imitation for the crystals you often find in a geode.




sun4 sun5


Agates belong to those minerals which display the most variations in their manifestations. Therefore I consider them as an unfailing source for inspiration. And while they appear in very different colour hues their images can be composed in never ending variations.




These scrolls are representative and abstract at the same time. Isn’t this funny?
The images have been inspired by real agates and are therefore a kind of blown-up imitation. I tried to imitate the crystals with clear glass beads which will reflect the light the same way. I also used mother-of-pearl pigments in order to heighten the gloss of various light parts in order to imitate the creamy white calcite parts you would find in nearly any agate. At the same time the images on the scrolls could be abstract landscapes and you could interpret anything into them.




These silk scrolls fit into many different interiors. And herewith I am arriving at another part of my interests: interior design.

In my opinion most artists miss a major part of their job: showing where their art could be applied to. It is great fun (maybe that’s not everyone’s goal) for myself to see a painting or any other art work well included in an interieur where it serves as a wonderful compliment to a room’s atmosphere than being rather “only” redundant ornament or even interference, even worse being hung on the bathroom door or the one of the loo! Well – that happens… 😯

I am even convinced, that more people would buy original art when they would get more help in what they should look for. Surprisingly many people have enough money to buy original art but no clue what to do with it. Many people are afraid of listening to their own gut feeling and don’t trust their own judgement. And most people with money do not have the time to find the right piece for their home – therefore they call their interior designer to solve this problem.

Now the problem is up to the interior designer to find the right source for what the patron wants. And this is no easy task either. There are so many offers on the internet, galleries which cannot place their stock in someone’s home either. So where to chose, where to find the right art piece? So isn’t it the artist her/himself who could do the best job?

I rudely claim that most art that is created in this world is for decorative purposes and not for the museum. Nevertheless there is no doubt that art, that has been created for decorative purposes, can arrive at the museum also 🙄 So this is another argument for the artist to do the job: helping to find the right art piece for a home.

When I say “decorative purposes” I don’t mean that it cannot inherit content, emotion, deep feelings and themes you would expect from museum art, but it seldomly would inherit “problematic subjects” quite openly and right into your face (unless your patron has a very special favour for provocative themes). Who would hang paintings about war and violation above the sofa or the bed?

I am not ashamed to say that I want my work to be decorative and therefore desirable for most homes. My work hung also in museums. So what’s the point? I do not produce mass products though nor hundreds of paintings each year which fill the closets and will disappear under a thick dust layer or worse – end up in the bin. I can still stand behind each of my works no matter what my preferences currently are.

Now this silk scroll as well as most of my work works very well with any interior.You don’t believe this? Then go and check out my other blog about Art and Interior and you will be surprised. I was surprised myself until I just started to play with the compositions of different interieurs. I would never have thought that certain objects are really working together.

Whether modern or classic, whether ornamental or minimalistic – there is a plethora of possibilities and inspirations. This is the motor for new inspirations and more creative work.




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