Spheres – a painted Silk Scroll from the Hidden Gems Series

December 12, 2008

This is the second of the painted silk scrolls from the Hidden Gems series which is about a very special mineral: agates.


34″ x 34″, silk, beaded

If you have ever seen agates in reality then you know how fascinating their own little cosmos can be and that these images can spark a lot of inspiration. So this scroll painting also has been inspired by the image of a real agate – only the size has been blown up of course.

A few of those wonderful minerals I own myself – thousands of photos can be found in the internet if you want to know more about this magical mineral. Books and documentaries on tv are full of magnificent photos and the choice is extremely dificult.




The image that was chosen here I especially liked for its ethereal view, that reminded me of one of those science fiction films which cover philosophical themes. I called it “Spheres” (not after the film with Sharon Stone “Sphere”!) because it also reminded me of those landscapes you can find in large ice caves. Spheres with a very special aura. You think of ice crystals and other treasures you can find beneath the surface. And when you have once been in a dripstone cave you know what I mean and how fascinating and beautiful this world can be.

I very much hope that my work is a bit inspirational in this direction too and that my enthusiasm for these worlds is infectious…


An unexpected serendipity of this work was my discovery that the painting is glowing in the dark. Like in real dripstone caves where you can find white crystals like those out of calcium sulfate, you will realize that there is some phosphorizing effect. The crystals begin to glow even in very little light. Same happens with this painting. The mother-of-pearl pigments I used in the light parts start to glow in the dark. Looks very mysterious.










But there is more to discover in this silk scroll.
The crystalline crusts which can be found in a geode have been imitated here with clear and black glass beads. And just the same way as in a real geode, where the tiny crystals begin to sparkle when the light is on them – so do the tiny glass beads reflect any light here. The beadaholics of you guys will have their fun with this piece.

The multicoloured veins you find in a geode have been imitated as well i.e. painted with thin lines as you can see in above detail pics.

The last photo shows the detailed beading of this silk scroll. Click on the pic for enlargement (all pics can be enlarged).




2 Responses to “Spheres – a painted Silk Scroll from the Hidden Gems Series”

  1. fionastolze Says:

    Beautiful work. I love the attention to tiny detail.


  2. vyala Says:

    Hi Fiona, thank you very much for visiting and your kins compliment. Sometimes I can get absorbed completely in details – it’s a kind of letting go everything, like meditation while working on something….

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