Colours and changed the Template again…

December 7, 2008

As if I do not have enough work to do – but I needed to change my template again! Hope you like it!
The black colour did not work any more – maybe it has something to do with the missing light. Now I need the light colours when the light outside the window is missing. I long for a change…

The black colour had a heavy impact on my soul – how do you feel about this? How far does light and colour influence your daily life? It does mine enormously and with increasing age (haha) I tend to long for the subdued, lighter ones. Although, from time to time, I fully dive into the colour pots just as with these few photos….













If you would like to see much more of these please check out my other blog Blooms and Blossoms – it is loaden with colour in abundance. It’s a true painter’s resource…



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