When Art becomes your Baby and selling or not selling…

September 16, 2008

Do you have art work that you would never sell? Under no circumstances? Realistically? Even if someone would bid – let’s say  1/2 a million bucks? This is a myth! Of course you would! Because this would give you the opportunity to create more works with your heartblood. Don’t be silly! No art work is worth that much money. And everything beyond that is just pure hype. Even if it is a Picasso, or Dali, or Rubens (that was the one you would call modern today – wouldn’t you? With those baroque female forms which seem to reflect today’s life of too much food in western countries…).

Money can buy you a lot even if it is for “true” art. But it is only art, a thing, material, not your soul. How can your soul be in a thing? Your soul will always be yours. The feeling you put into a piece of artwork is not really in the artwork itself – it is in the process of creating, it is flowing in your hands which might be led by this power but it does not leave your body. How can love, emotion, passion be transferred into a piece of dead material? These feelings are undeniably attached to your physical being and cannot leave it. A piece of artwork is only a feeble representation of your personality at its best. It can never replace you – not for any money in the world.

Imagine what you could do with the money – even if you absolutely would not want to spend it on yourself.

What I want to say is that all those statements out there are a whole lot of crap. And the work one creates even with all that heartblood and pain, with all the thoughts and the mental crisis you may go through while working on a special project is just material – it is only bloody material! The work itself is unimportant – it is the process that counts, the thoughts you have had, the eagerness you felt to complete a potential masterwork. It is the longing to create something extraordinary with your own hands that counts. But what does not count is the ego. The work itself is only a reflection of your ego. Provocative words, I know…



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