Deep into Colours…

September 8, 2008


As you know I am a painter and interior designer. But did you also know that I am a flower freek too? It is not because I am a gardener – I don’t own a garden currently – it is because I am absolutely a colour freek and what could be more appropriate than to investigate natural colours in all their hues and intensities on flowers?

So these are my study objects because nothing is more efficient than to study what is already there. There are so many colour combinations in natural petals that you could study them a lifetime and you won’t get them all.

Since 3 years now I am literally collecting colours – yes collecting – in form of blooms and blossoms with my camera. I am presenting a few on my photography site on my official website but I have also a blog that is entirely dedicated to the photography of blooms and blossoms. These are photographs of flowers in their natural habitat, not “dressed up” in a studio because in my opinion only the living plant can show its full beauty and intensity of its colours. As soon as a flower is cut it starts to die. I never buy cut flowers but only living ones in a pot. I know this is quite excentric but I feel like this.

I am really proud of my collection so far – and I plan to continue as long as ever possible. My plan is to have the largest private local blooms and blossoms collection on the internet. All those photos I have collected so far are from Munich and area, nothing exotic but only from gardens in the nearer and further neighbourhood. This alone may be an amazing fact. I don’t think people in general are aware of what can be found in their direct environment. Most people don’t have and don’t take the time for such explorations. But I decided to do this and it gives me a lot of satisfaction in any respect because it is a beautiful task.

I also think that this is a pleasant endeavour to potentially increase awareness for the environment because if I imagine the consequeneces of pollution and plastering the cities and what would happen if we continue to use our natural resources as we do right now – then we would have a very sad place to live on if that would be possible at all.

So please check out my blog Blooms and Blossoms and look at those treasures and think about what you have got in your neighbourhood and whether it could become a little paradise as well, you might have never thought of. You don’t need big places to plant a few flowers. And you can grow them anywhere where is some light. Even in the darkest backyards – imagine what they could become with some green and some blooming plants. People would love it and smile. The psychological effect is not to be underestimated. There have been studies in New York where forgotten parks have been revived again and where flowers have been planted in areas with a highly problematic neighbourhood. The effect was amazing. People started to care not only for their environment, but crimerates decreased dramatically.

I would like to add that these photos are not from wealthy residential areas but from ordinary sometimes tiny gardens with a size of a couple of square yards. They are also from areas where you have those otherwise ugly tenancies but at least they have a little bit of green grass and also some tiny flowerbeds in front of them. And they are taken from allotments where people tend to spend their weekends or their free time in the evening, gardening and relaxing a bit from work or as in most cases these are kept by pensioners who do not own these gardens but are members of a registered society.

Now look at those colours and think about whether they could become the harvest of your brushstrokes because your inspiration is going wild !!

And now tell me that you don’t understand what I am talking about  😛 😛 …


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