Back to painting and a new Piece of the Reminiscences Series (Wip)…

September 2, 2008


During the last weeks I was mainly busy with doing photographic work, as long as the weather still allows this, and a lot of computer work, which is far not over yet but I really needed to go back to the easel now.

I have been collecting so many motifs and pre-work for potential new projects that I would be busy for the next 50 years. So I have to make decisions and set priorities.

How on earth do people get into trouble finding something to play with? I have the trouble of having too many ideas so that I hardly know where to start first. Usually this problem is only superficial and so I am going to finish a project now, that I started some weeks ago – a new piece in the series Reminiscences about the Olympic Student Village in Munich (see the links in the sidebar about it) before I throw all energies on a new one.

This one will probably be called “Black Window” and will be part of a diptych in the series:

As you can see from the photo below this will be a very simple composition. Main interest will be on the details of the window, the marks on the wall and of course the dead rose stems which are a metaphor of course.



5 Responses to “Back to painting and a new Piece of the Reminiscences Series (Wip)…”

  1. Kalilea Says:

    I am curious, Petra – how long does it normally take you to complete a single project? I know that is probably hard to answer because of the variance, but your work is so detailed that I imagine a great amount of time is needed.

  2. vyala Says:

    Kalilea – this is very different and depends very much on prework, size and medium/techniques. I can tell you for each project/painting because I am keeping close documentary and time schedule. I think the shortest time was about 4 days for an acrylic painting. The longest 9 months for a large wood carving.

  3. Kalilea Says:

    Wow, it certainly makes sense that it could take that long or longer because of all of the work involved. I think that if I worked on something for nine months, though, it would be very hard for me to part with it. For that amount of time, it seems like it really would become your “baby”.

  4. vyala Says:

    😛 – in one way it becomes your baby sometimes and there are a few art pieces I would never sell because there is too much heartblood in it and the relationship with the work (if that exists) is too strong. You look at it as a kind of personal challenge and achievement. But this does not depend on the finishing time.
    Regularly my affinity is finished when the work is finished. The relationship exists only during the working process. Otherwise you could never sell anything – could you? You could never work as a fulltime artist in order to earn your living…

  5. Alfred Wang Says:

    Take it easy, when you are ready busy for next 50 years,you should still stop a little while, take a breath, then you will have more insights of your work. Very good artworks you made.

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