New Top Artist’s Directory by Kim Barker aka laketrees

August 31, 2008


Anyone who knows the 101 Top Artists’ Blogs List knows Kim Barker from laketrees, the #1 Australian Art Blog.
Kim decided to switch to a completely new blog and a new list which is now called Top Artist’s Directory. But this is not only a pure list of blognames and links, it offers a lot more. While submitting your blog URL you can also submit an image and a short bio. And all for free!
Don’t miss out this opportunity to showcase your work and have your blog listed in this directory. Another opportunity to get your work seen and known by other people. Another opportunity to gain more attention and potentially a whole lot of new fans! And don’t miss out to visit her blog.

Kim, thank you for all your work!

artists' directory


2 Responses to “New Top Artist’s Directory by Kim Barker aka laketrees”

  1. laketrees Says:

    thanks so much for this wonderful promo on the Top Artists’ Directory Petra…
    I will see if I can adjust the badge that you have used to suit your dark background…
    I’ll email you…
    have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. vyala Says:

    You are very welcome, Kim, this was the very least I could do for YOUR support!
    Regarding the logo – I tried the others but I like this one really because it looks so very special and veeeeery mystic! 😛

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