Template changed…and Layout Problems

August 28, 2008


I changed the template on this blog also to black. The images are coming out much better. I hope that the text is still readable. The only problem I have now that the formatting of the pages where text was floating around the images is screwed up. I was not aware of this problem when I changed the template on my photography blogs because there the images are maximum and there is no text floating around the pictures. Damn – I do not understand why the HTML codes I entered in the former template do not work in this new one now. I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS and it is quite frustrating because it does look weird now sometimes. I have to change all images to sit in the middle of the textblock now – what a s…. 😡
This is really annoying after having spent so much time on proper coding and a nice layout! So much work all in vain. so if you find a couple (rather a lot) of old post where the layout looks cranky – I haven’t changed them yet…



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