On a beautiful August Day it was all over…

August 28, 2008


In March I finished a painting called “Facade” from the Architecs series. It was painted from a couple of photographs that I took from an old watertower in a residential area in Munich. You can read the full story here and the finished painting was this
In the meanwhile the building looks like this:

It is strange. In one repsect I always find it sad when an old building has to fall for whatever reasons – on the other hand I feel fascinated by this. Is it morbid? I don’t know actually. With all those wires hanging around, with all those black holes that once were windows it looks as if a body is taken apart by the forensics…maybe I am watching too much CSI on TV…
The skeleton of a house is taken apart and finally there is nothing left but a heap of dust to make way for something new and maybe even some more paintings…




2 Responses to “On a beautiful August Day it was all over…”

  1. ashley Says:

    Inspiration can strike anyone at anytime, I guess. Interesting to hear your stream of conscienous…



  2. vyala Says:

    Thanks Ashley. I always find it very interesting too to hear from other people how and through what they are inspired. Yet the paths in one’s brain are sometimes difficult to decipher…even for oneself 😕

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