Chinese Chairs and a Coffee Table or what has Furniture to do with Art? (part 4)

July 24, 2008

Well – I don’t want to keep you any longer in suspense so here is the chair how it looks like after all the staining and polishing.

At that point of time when I created these chairs I was intrigued by the dark colours – hm – today I wished I had them varnished in the ivory colour I used later on. Anyway – it is as it is now and I must admit that the polishing is much more prominent on dark wood than on light.

pic 14

This dark colour is also very suitable for rooms that are mainly kept in white or off white colours so that the decorational effect is showing off much more. Together with the other chair and the little Chinese table that will be decribed in the next post this trio makes a nice little set for an elegant little corner in a room that can be used for drinking coffee or tea.

pic 15

Imagine a room with a bay window with white lace curtains and then this little set of two chairs and a wonderful little table in between with a magnificent set of precious china, a teapot and cups with wonderful hot Earl Grey and scones on a little silver plate… wouldn’t that make up the perfect prop for a film scenery? A cliché – I know – but nevertheless sooooo romantic 🙄
Well – that is art – the art of living – isn’t it?
It comes to my mind that this would even make up a wonderful painting with an old fashioned theme – a nice still…

And here are now two more detailed photos from the finished chair so you can see the carvings once more. The chair was stained, afterwards finished with a varnish on the base of beeswax and finally polished with real beeswax to achieve a velvety shimmer. This helps to protect the wood from light scraches as well as water stains etc.


pic 16—————————————–pic 17



(will be continued…)

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