Art Promotion via e-card

July 10, 2008

In my opinion one of the best promotion tools for your art is sending professional e-cards. Sharing your art and inspiring your artist friends, family and/or other people sending a nice and elegant e-card may help to make a miserable day get better. Nice images always help to heal the soul.

A couple of my silk paintings are now included in the gallery of a new Canadian company, called Nova Terra Galleria and can be sent as an e-card greeting from now on.
Click on the link below – this will lead you to the company’s side and to my gallery of paintings which are available right now. You can choose any painting you like including choosing a stamp.


click to send an art-e-card -

click to send an art-e-card - from

Wish you fun with it!!!


4 Responses to “Art Promotion via e-card”

  1. That’s a great idea … I’ll have to look into it. Receiving one of your cards would definitely brighten my day :).

  2. vyala Says:

    Hi Francis – nice compliment – thank you – and one is on the way…

  3. Paul Watson Says:

    I used to use ecards several years ago, but the problem was that (even back then) spammers would use emails about “ecards waiting for you” to try to get people to visit malware websites.

    I’d love to use them again, but I do feel that most people immediately delete any emails claiming that they have an ecard waiting for them.

  4. vyala Says:

    Paul, that’s a very valid argument – I thought about that too. The best things is to put something very personal already in the subject line that spammers would normally not know! Also your email address appears in the sender’s line – you could double check by trying to return to that address an check whether it is the same address…
    So far I have been quite successful with it. Nothing unfortunately is secure any more…

    But nevertheless I will ask the company that question and what they do against spammers…

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