The Lovers – Javanese Chest (3)

July 1, 2008

Now comes why I have chosen the name! The motif is a devine couple as if it were an illustration from the southeast Asian mythologies. The style this couple has been carved in is Javanese, with that typical flat illustration of persons and animals that always remind me of Egyptian portrayals in the pyramids, temples and tombs.

pic 14

The couple is sitting in a forest of lotus blossoms, the symbol for purity. The lotus plant is a common motif in all southeast Asian countries – so I used it as a reminiscence of the pure beauty of the whole plant.

Below is a detail image of the bas-relief:

pic 15

The last picture shows the filigree carving that goes all around the lid. You can also see the brass hinges that were used for this chest.

pic 16

The inside of this chest is covered with several layers of crimson red acrylic lacquer – a reference you can see in the post about the Chinese Chest – pic 10.


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