Blog is celebrating One Year Anniversary!!!

June 16, 2008

On the 16th of June 2007 I wrote my first post with the title “Getting Started”.
The last sentence in that post was …”Let’s see where this is leading to…”

Within one year it led to:

98 posts
23423 visits

I can only say that I am amazed.

  • I did not think I would be able to keep up this pace and really write continuously for one year.
  • I did not think that I would find a such a great pleasure in doing so.
  • I would not have thought that so many people would be interested in the same things as I and even read what I write.
  • I assumed that this blog would become more of a diary for myself, organizing and documenting my work progress and such but not really of interest for completely foreign people.
  • I did not think that I would get to know so many interesting people, even friends with whom I am regularly exchanging thoughts and comments.
  • I would not have found all those wonderful blogs and websites which I now visit regularly! What a treasure of inspiration and new ideas to find. And so much to learn from.
  • And I would not have thought that I do not only keep one blog live but 5 😮 What a wonderful crazy year!

Thank you all for this! It has been a great pleasure to get to know you and I am looking forward to another year of exciting discoveries and adventures.


8 Responses to “Blog is celebrating One Year Anniversary!!!”

  1. oooh, I love this first sketch, esp!

  2. vyala Says:

    Oh dear – thank you for your kind words – but I have just started with these again. I hope to bring more life into it soon…

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    Belated congratulations on your illustrious blogging and it’s birthday! When I see your amazing artistry on your blog I’m always so humbled and honored by your visits to mine!

  4. vyala Says:

    Jana – thank you so very much. I am really grateful that people like to read my writings whether I am in a good or bad mood. That’s really exciting.
    But please don’t say you feel humbled by what I am doing – that truly embarrasses me!!
    I often feel much better when I have visited your blog because it often is so funny and very friendly and heartwarming. And it is somehow calming to see that others have to struggle too in order to make progress. So much to learn out there – and blogging and reading other blogs helps a lot.

    Thank you for your time and kind words! 🙂

  5. Katherine Says:

    Well done Petra!

    Sorry I missed this last month. I know I always very much value the comments I also see you making on my blog and those of other art bloggers

  6. vyala Says:

    Hi Katherine – very nice of you to say that. I always wonder how on earth you find the time to write and assemble all those interesting informations and do your artist’s work on top of that?? 😕 😕

  7. Mark Says:

    A belated congratulations Petra. Personally I don’t know how you keep up 5 blogs, let alone keeping up the photography and painting. You always have interesting perspectives and posts here. I may not always have something to say in a comment to leave, but I am reading.

  8. vyala Says:

    Ah Mark – thank you so much for noticing this. I feel very flattered. And thanks so much for your kind words. How I keep up 5 blogs? I don’t know myself really 😛 but I love it. It somehow keeps me going and organized also in one way. And I always know what I have done! This is a good feeling.

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