Working on an “artistic” Documentation…

May 26, 2008

I am sorry that I still cannot supply any new finished painting for the moment because I decided to fully re-organize my work and document its working process not only for my own record (notes are kept in a book about the details, hours etc.) but also for old and new potential customers to see.

I consider this (the documentation) as an important part of the profession as an artist simply because it does not only show your progress and development but also your seriousness about what you you do. Even if you do not plan to make your art a business it is a valuable record for your own personal purpose. It’s like a diary. Whenever you feel the need, it can be a boost for your self-esteem – you can easily “prove” what you have achieved instead of being turned-down by so-called friends, family, boss or whomever tries to make you look small and inferior. It sounds paradox but often we are tricked by our memory and things we have achieved suddenly do not look very “significant” any more. This needs to be changed and what could be better than a diligent documentary of your results?

In my opinion people know too little about all the working processes in order to really appreciate what they see as a finished work of art. This results in a lot of misunderstandings and I think this a major negative when it comes to decide whether a piece of art is worth while its value or not. Taking aside hype and other emotions, art is worth its material, the time of production and technical mastery and the name of the artist. Even if a couple of people may cringe here now but Art is a business, a profession the artist needs to live from. S/he has to pay the bills – not? Not every artist can relax and rely on someone in her/his entourage who is going to take care for all the daily duties and the supply of food and housing.

I do not say that there does not exist a different kind of ART that does not belong into the declared art business but that’s the Art from your inner self, packed with emotion from your subconscience, from things that cannot be explained and where all your heartblood is going into. Art that does not compete on the markets and won’t be sold – art you would never part with, not as long as you live.

For the “business” art it is something quite different. You have to think about customer’s needs and wishes. You have to put aside that s/he is probably looking for something that matches the interior design of her/his house. There is nothing to be ashamed of here and this is nothing that may reduce your art’s value – it is simply a fact.

So I thought about what the best way would be to make the documentation accessible to a bigger audience other than a blog. And here is is:

Design und Kunst

Currently it is in German language but with many many photos – I always neglected the German audience a bit. You cannot expect anyone speaking English fluently 😀 – so I wanted to present another opportunity. But with wordpress I think anything can be translated. There are a couple of English keywords in the categories. If you would like to have an English translation – let me know!

The main subject of this blog is my wood carving work and fiber/textile art workquilts (this may be new to you) that I created for all kinds of interior design. The latter include real huge whole cloth bed quilts stitched and handquilted on and with silk (these are NOT included on my website) as well as art quilts for the wall, which have been painted additionally.
(My silk painting started this way!)

(update as of Feb, 19, 2009:  this documentary will subsequently appear on this blog in English)
I very much hope you enjoy at least the images!


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