What I am doing right now…

May 18, 2008

I am still not quite back to my normal healthy constitution because I am still suffering from the “aftermath” of my sinusitis which means my hearing sense in my left ear is still not back. I would have never thought that losing a part of your senses could be so negative for your whole perception. My left side of the head still feels like packed into a ball of cotton wool and it nerves.

Had to stay at home these past two weeks and I have the feeling I have been away from my painting work for ages. But maybe this pause has something positive in it also. New energies and new inspiration.

I decided to leave it for a while and concentrate fully on marketing my wood work because I want to sell the large wood carvings in order to have more space for my painting. You just cannot do everything if there is not enough space in the studio.

Also due to the size of these works I cannot simply ship them to venues to get them shown in the public. This is simply an issue of cost. If you would like to see what I am talking about click on the Wood Carving part on my website and you will immediately see what I mean. See this example for my Spanish Walls which I designed and handcarved – just click on the thumbnails.

These are special works inspired by my many travels to southeast Asian countries but the imagery is original and my unique creation. So you won’t find these in any replicas as usual with asian art and craft because the latter derive from traditional techniques and imagery – at least those which are sold to tourists and exported to the worldwide craftmarkets.

The other part of my current work is collecting new imagery for future projects and what could be more applicable than the abundance of blossoms and blooms we are surrounded by everywhere in these times of the year. There is so little time doing this with our long winters, which completely lack of colours, so I have to grab my chance now and collect everything I can find.

The structures and patterns you can find in a flower petal could be the inspiration for an infinite number of abstract paintings, each of them putting a spell on the viewer with shades and hues, the whole colour palette up and down, never leaving the true painter without any excitement for new ideas.

A few weeks ago I created a new blog on blogger that is entirely dedicated to the Blooms and Blossoms – who could not be inspired by these images? Check it out for yourself if you like.

I consider painting flowers a difficult adventure if you want to avoid sliding into some trivia – so I like the idea of abstract approach much better. We will see how it works. It may take some time before I can go back to work on this. One simply has only 2 hands and one head to work with. I wished it were more…or if I only had that gold sh… donkey from the Grimm’s fairy tales. 🙄


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