Contemplation and another Step forward…

May 4, 2008

On my way I am talking to many people. I read comments, blogs, press releases, blurbs, rants and all kind of verbal expressions, professional, private, unprofessional and those which are completely irrelevant. I am talking to many people on the phone, in person etc. and I am learning, a great deal, really a great deal not only for myself but about other people, which is very important in order to understand the complexity of life and living and how things works outside your own 4 walls. It is essential that, even if you work on your own most of the time, you do not lose the contact to and the communication with other people.

Sometimes this is fun, sometimes it is annoying and sometimes I am just ignoring whatever comes my way. It keeps me thinking, brings me new inspiration and makes me wonder (seldom) whether I really “grabbed” the right profession. I would not want to miss a thing! But sometimes there is just one of these days…

Many people are rude, sometimes not even deliberately, ignore that other people have feelings too and they just try to step over you. You feel embarrassed, you start with those doubts again and then… well – comes the moment where your self-confidence should do its job. This has to be learned again and again – it’s an ongoing process and it is hard.

In some way I am grateful to be able to learn these things: not to put my head in the sand, not to run away in shame but stepping forward and making my voice heard – or – at least stepping forward another tiny step. I am doing this every day. Sometimes it is rewarding directly – someone gives you a nice feedback about your work – so why do we always feel so inferior if someone criticizes you, looks over you and does not appreciate really what you are doing?

Well – my recipe has become the following: I contemplate, remember what I have achieved so far – not that what I have not achieved!! – even if I have to look through my design papers, drawings of old projects – and then I take another step forward – not looking back any more.

What’s your recipe for “those days”?

And here are some of the projects I am truly proud of:

The Tibetan Dragon Bed

©1998 Petra Voegtle


The Chinese Dragon Chest

©1998 Petra Voegtle

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