“Blooms and Blossoms” – a new Blog and where can I find Inspiration?(8)

April 19, 2008

I admit I haven’t written much these days on my painterblog – simply because I am very busy with photographing at the moment besides my business tasks. So painting has become a bit short at the moment. I try to be outdoors as much as possible – not only necessary for my health but for taking the opportunity to photograph what I love most – blossoms and blooms.

They reflect colours for me – all colours, an abundance of colours so that all human senses are touched and in action. It is like painting colour fields in the head and I am sure some day I am going to do a series about this as well. But at the moment I do “research” as I call it. It is a kind of exercise for the mind and the eyes, to suck up all the hues and shades and tones and file them in the drawers of my brain – in order to be able to pull them out later, when necessary.

Other painters are painting colour charts – I am filing them through my eyes. The thousands of photos that I am collecting since a few years “need” some exposure – which means I would like to share them because some of them are really good – not always intentionally good – which I deliberately admit – but pure serendipities which I found out when I loaded them on the computer. At least I find them good or rather unusual and I love to look at them for myself. From time to time I take them for reference and new ideas and inspiration. So I started another blog just for photography of blooms and blossoms – not much text but photos to scroll through. I like the layouts of a blog much more than plain photo albums where you cannot include much text so this is a new one I am currently working on:

Blooms and Blossoms

So if you would like to see what I am busy with right now, please check the new blog – maybe you will like what you see. There are only photos, nothing philosophical, no discussions, just plain images besides the fact that I try to identify the plants for their botanical classification – you know – because I want to know…🙄

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