New Painting “Facade” finally finished!

April 6, 2008

I have finished this painting today. It took me quite a while – mainly because I had other things to do. Sometimes I don’t feel worried when other duties take away my painting time because I consider it a necessary break to refresh thoughts and inspiration. Yet with this painting I feared to lose the track on my “Reminiscences” series. It did not happen. Ah – and I changed the title from “The Tower” to “Facade” because this is what it actually is. Also I like the fact that it is much more ambiguous in its meaning.

Originally I dedicated the “Reminiscences” series exclusively to the motifs of the Olympic Student Village but this painting is a child of the original project and the idea was to grab other architectural motifs from buildings which are planned to be taken down. I have already described the story of this building here. So I decided to create a new series which will have more architectural motifs and cityshapes and called it “Architecs”.

For the next painting, I decided to do, I am going back to the motifs of the village – there are more than enough to be covered still. Until I need a break again….

And here it is now

If you would like to see larger images, especially from details, be sure to click on the image.

Back to work….

(I should have known better – spelling wrong although I asked someone from England – how embarrassing – 4/11/08)


6 Responses to “New Painting “Facade” finally finished!”

  1. Natalya Says:

    very strong work… and I really like the perspective.

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you very much Natalya – that’s what intrigued me also very much. I also loved to play a bit with the colours i.e. I increased the contrasts very much from the original photo, made them warmer in order to cope with the decay and sadness that’s around this building. I don’t know whether I see too much in all this but this is how I felt about it.
    There is something in those rotting walls that makes me aware of the little time we all have on this world. It makes me melancholic in one way and sad that so many people are not aware of making the most and the best of the time they have got. There is so much waste…

  3. paulmcnelis Says:

    Wow, I am very impressed! I did not know, and my apologies I didn’t realise this sooner, that you were a painter. Very inspiring as well!

  4. vyala Says:

    Paul – 😆 – why would you need to apologize??? But I thank you for the very nice compliment.

  5. balkan Says:


  6. vyala Says:

    Thank you very much, Zdenka.

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