Progress on new Painting “Facade”* and some Discovery

March 29, 2008

The new painting is coming along nicely although I did not think that it would be so much work. But details need their time. As I am currently busy with a lot of other tasks besides painting it slows down the whole painting process quite dramatically in comparison with what I achieved in the past 2 months.

I must say I love painting these realistic details at the moment. It gives me the opportunity to really spend some time with the painting process and thinking at the same moment about the things that might have happened in this building. This is the narrative element that I want to anchor in my paintings.

The current painting techniques also make me aware of my choice, the reason why I paint these motifs, images of old walls, peeling paint, rotten windows and doors. Every piece speaks of the transience of all things which is also the major thought of Buddhism.

It is amazing how sometimes these influences and thoughts creep into your life although the images themselves have changed. At the beginning of my art career I was deeply impressed by the images and body of thought of southeast Asian cultures because of my travels and many pieces of these images became part of my art. Then the outer images changed bit by bit with different interests and plans but now I realize that the influence goes much deeper than ever perceived. This is an exciting idea.

This also proves that much more things happen on the subconscious level than you can ever perceive. This makes the art journey so exciting.




I really hope to finish this soon.

*(The title of the painting has been changed from “The Tower” to “Facade” -4/6/08)

3 Responses to “Progress on new Painting “Facade”* and some Discovery”

  1. Natalya Says:

    your details are wonderful… interesting how the mind works isn’t it…

  2. vyala Says:

    Thanks a lot Natalya.
    You know – there is something very creepy going on here. The last time I looked at the painting or rather at the photo I realized that the form of the grey part, where the plaster and paint has already come off the wall has the form of a ghost and if you look closely there is something like a double rope around his neck.
    A couple of weeks ago we met some neighbours of this building by accident on the street while I was photographing the tower. The gentleman told my partner – I did not get to know this until after I realized that strange form on the photo – that 6 people had died in this building. I don’t know under which circumstances but it gave me the creeps although it should be quite normal that people die in an old building such as this. But anyway – it was strange…
    Now tell me which modern building could ever create a feeling such as this and the urge to make up stories?

  3. Natalya Says:

    now that you’ve said it, I see the ghost with the rope around it’s neck… how bizarre! maybe you should investigate further?

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