A Glimpse of the current Project “Facade”* (Wip)

March 15, 2008

It is a bit early to show images already but then I thought you might be interested in seeing how I work on this one and why I have chosen this motif.

I mentioned the last time that everything is different at the moment – different from my usual way to start a work, different painting techniques – which are explicitly realistic, nearly photo-realistic at the moment – different materials etc. Even my usual subjects (semi-surrealistic to realistic landscapes, animals in unusual views, symbolism, references to ancient cultures etc.) are different. Currently my emphasis is on architectural elements and subjects.

The camera is my number one working tool at the moment, in order to keep close contact to the real object that I am painting. I do not merely copy the photo, although I try to keep as close as possible to the real thing but I try to “inhale” something vivid into the painting, some narrative element.

My thoughts are moving around the subject, thinking about what could have happened in this building, my mind is making up stories and in the end the whole subject is filled with mysteries. Of course I know the real story of this building and its former purpose and I am well aware of the non-fictitious drop dead plain facts. It’s an annoying object for the people living in this residential area and should have been demolished by the city a long time ago as it was promised. It was never high enough to really fulfill its original purpose of a water tower because it could not build up enough pressure for the water.

Built in 1931 it was working for only 7 years. For many years it was left empty, then used for some underprivileged families, which again created some tensions between the latter and the residents living in this area before, since 1996 it is empty again and left to decay and rotting. The plaster is falling off the wall, rain and frost cause cracks in the walls and the whole thing is slowly becoming dangerous for the neighbourhood. There is a group of people trying to save the tower but I think this does not really make any sense.

Yet for me the tower has become an unusual painting motif no matter what the reality is. Therefore my fantasies and inspiration is going into completely different directions.

This finally helps to find the right colours, to put some light into the painting that is supposed to come from within not simply from a layer of paint which has been thrown on top of the canvas. Very difficult to describe in words what’s happening in my head and with my emotion but maybe you can follow me a bit.





And here of course is a photo of the real motif itself:


Back to work…

*(The title of the painting has been changed from “The Tower” to “Facade” – 4/6/08)

4 Responses to “A Glimpse of the current Project “Facade”* (Wip)”

  1. It’s a wonderful of work !

  2. Natalya Says:

    I like this… very striking…

  3. vyala Says:

    Thank you very much, Marie – I hope I can achieve what I planned…

  4. vyala Says:

    Thank you Natalya – I am glad you say this because I felt very intrigued by this motif although I cannot really explain why…

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