New Painting “Copper Wall” is finished…

February 18, 2008

The new painting is finished. It was a new experience as I added other material such as a coarse sand as additional texture to the canvas and the result was quite interesting. Several layers of acrylic medium and the final glazing with acrylic lacquer will hopefully attach the grains durably to the canvas.

The window was painted with an acrylic retarder as I scraped the paint off the canvas with a fork in order to create the delicate pattern of the curtain “lace”. This worked out quite well also.

(click on the image for details)
Copper Wall
“Copper Wall”, acrylic on cotton, 26″ x 18″
©2008 Petra Voegtle


4 Responses to “New Painting “Copper Wall” is finished…”

  1. m6fan Says:

    Wonderful expression of colors, tone and texture!
    The window adds just the right touch….

  2. vyala Says:

    Thank you very much Alan, I wished the photo would transfer the texture better…

  3. Natalya Says:

    the texture is wonderful.. love the colors!

  4. vyala Says:

    thank you Natalya. I must admit that I am using colours in this series which normally do not belong to my regular palette. It is a completely new experience and very refreshing and inspiring. I am going to add a couple of more motifs from the village on my photoblog soon. This time I paid attention on the colour combinations specifically and the deep shadows – not so much on the textures of the walls…

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