Scavenging the Home Depot… (6)

February 14, 2008

This is a true place for inspirations – believe me!

Boy – yesterday I was really scavenging for several hours through our near by home depot in order to find the right material for the next painting. Is this crazy or not?

I had no idea what to use as a texture for the next painting – I only knew I would need some kind of pattern on it in order to create the effects I wanted to achieve. So I hoped to find something spontaneously. It is actually a good way to find some idea if you get stuck in your creativity flow or if you cannot make your mind. I always do this, I mean walking around somewhere in the woods or park and in this case in the home depot (really a magnificent source for creativity – you should try it if you haven’t thought about it yet) when I am not sure how to continue with my work. It always helps in one way or another. So I did.

First to the handicraft department – sometimes they have interesting things there and the creative juices begin to flow. But besides some sisal fibers I found nothing interesting for my actual painting. Then went through the paints, brush and glue department – hoped to find some extravagant thingie such as a special spatula with which you could achieve some interesting texture – no success. Everything was so ordinary – nothing exciting.

Then I snooped around the construction department – here you can find really interesting things sometimes such as nets, various metallic objects, all kinds of foils, structures etc. but this time to no avail. Nothing useful for my purpose.

Slowly I was getting really frustrated. So I finally rummaged through the plant and flower department hoping to find something interesting there and finally ended up in the zoo and aquarium section where I found some sand which I thought I could use. The grains were not too fine and not too course, had different sizes and would hopefully stick in some acrylic medium I planned to use.

Not a huge success after all this time but I had something I could work with. It was time to go home. My feet hurt terribly after all that walking back and forth, especially as I had been shopping with the bike before that – with temperatures around 25 °F. So was exhausted. After a short nap and a cup of tea I started to brush some acrylic medium on the prepared canvas, passed the sand through a sieve to get rid of the fine grains and spread out the sand on the wet parts of the canvas. After letting this to dry out I applied another layer of acrylic medium in order to make sure that the grains would really stick to the cloth.

Unfortunately I still haven’t got my digital camera back from repair so I can only present a detail scan of what it looks like currently:




Now back to work…


2 Responses to “Scavenging the Home Depot… (6)”

  1. Natalya Says:

    well it certainly looks like texture now.. more paint?

  2. vyala Says:

    haha – patience, Natalya, patience!!!

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