“Naranja” – the 5th Painting of the Reminiscences Series

January 29, 2008

I am in a painting frenzy but I also feel the strain slowly. I have finished the 5th painting of this series now in a row (and within a month where I normally do not paint more than 2!) and I wonder how long I will be able to keep up this speed.

The paintings are getting more and more crazy in my opinion. This is definitely not planned any more. And they are getting more and more abstract but at the same time into very close detail. Does this make sense?

What is new to me also is that I am currently using colours which do not belong into my regular colour palette. This is quite refreshing – I do not ask myself any more which colours I like but I simply follow the real thing – that, what is directly in front of me. For me a completely new way to start a painting. I wonder whether this is something other painters experience from time to time – when they leave the known path and explore something completely different. It is exciting and probably explains my enthusiasm for this project. I just love it.

I called the new painting “Naranja” – well – because of its colour of course. Choosing the Spanish word for orange reminds me of the southern touch these paintings and the student village itself. As I said at the beginning of this series – it’s a bit reminiscent of Mexican colours and flair. I wanted to keep it such.

The texture in this painting has been increased deeply – I added a lot of acrylic medium and used a spatula to create the patterns. There are at least 30 layers of paint on one another to create the deep colours and I used such a small roller thing for applying the colours. Don’t know how that is called verwirrt – you normally use this for flattening dough – can anyone help??? Now I cannot make cookies any more because I misused that thing for the paints!! Better for my figure anyway…

But I digress!

So the colours remind twofold of an orange – the texture itself is reminiscent in a broader sense of the skin of an orange and the colour itself. To make it short now – here is the image:



And here is a very close detail so that you can hopefully see the textures better:



It is so much nicer that wordpress is giving 3 GB for free on the blogs now – so I can upload much better photos without the danger of running out of space shortly. Thank you wordpress!!

But if you want to see larger images on a nice black background – which is actually better for pure images you have to switch to my website still – click on the first pic simply.

I have no clue yet what I am going to do in the next painting or whether I am having a tiny pause for refreshing thoughts and energy. Stay close – I will let you know.


4 Responses to ““Naranja” – the 5th Painting of the Reminiscences Series”

  1. Natalya Says:

    excellent texture… luscious… do you have the inspiration photo for this one? looking forward to more!

  2. vyala Says:

    thanks a lot Natalya – the photo is on my photoblog:

  3. laketrees Says:

    hi Vyala…
    wonderful colour and texture !!!
    very intuitive and expressive work…

    have a sunny weekend and thanks for calling by my blog …

    we call it a “rolling pin ” here 🙂

  4. vyala Says:

    Hi Kim,
    thanks a lot for your lovely compliment and for the translation – LOL.
    This is really a funny name for the thing – I will have to remember that. I have found out in the meanwhile that in America it is called a brayer (which is not even in Pons). I even could not remember what it is called in German (Walze) – so how was I supposed to find the name in a different language??? Really complicated sometimes…

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