“Azul” – New Painting from the Reminiscences Project

January 25, 2008

The next painting from the Reminiscences series is finished and I can only wonder about myself grinsen! I am a slow painter normally but this series makes me going faster and faster – very strange.

The reason for this might be that I feel really close to the subject (not only in a literal sense) which does not mean that I felt differently with other subjects I painted in the past but at the moment there seems to be a deeper meaning behind it.

Not only are the colours I am currently using completely different but also the painting style. In the past I have always refused to paint from photos for various reasons – this has changed as well. It appears to me more appropriate in order to stay close to the intent of this project which means it is rather another documentation than pure painting for fun and leisure.

Especially for this painting I choose a photo-realistic style (at least I tried to) in order to give this minimalistic composition a rather human and emotional touch, to show that real people are behind those walls. I also added some texture to this painting to increase the impression of peeling paint and rotten walls (as an indicator and reminder for what is going to happen to the whole village).

(clicking on the image will lead to larger images and details)
Azul, acrylic on cotton, 18″ x 26″
©2008 Petra Voegtle

And again I am showing the original photo below:


Don’t forget to check out my website for more photos of this series about the village including a lot of very special views on wall structures. You will be surprised about the beauty of some of those!

Now to the next…


2 Responses to ““Azul” – New Painting from the Reminiscences Project”

  1. m6fan Says:


    Gets better and better……
    They were all good…but this is my favorite!

  2. vyala Says:

    Alan, thank you so much!
    Btw – this has become my favourite as well!!

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