Painting Leaves…

January 18, 2008

Two days ago I have started to paint the leaves on the “Blue Door”, the third painting of the “Reminiscences” series and it is turning into a nightmare. This is sooooo much work but as I decided to keep it really close to the “real thing” for what it is meant to be – a reminiscence – I fear I have to bite into the sour apple. But I swear I am not going to do many of this kind… it just requires too much time. I plan to paint a whole bunch of those colourful bungalows – so I better run.

I have also added a ton of photos to my website – exactly those photos I am going to chose my next paintings from. I decided to take them off my blog because the memory space is filling up quickly – I have much more space on my website and I can show larger pictures there and better quality. So if you are interested in a good “show” of great colour combinations see if you can find a couple of minutes for the Murals of the Village. It is worth while.

Unfortunately my digi cam is at the doctor’s currently – so no pics of the further wip today – and I have no replacement in order to be able to do some quick shots but as soon as I have my camera back and the weather is fine I am going to continue with this project. The more I am busy with it the more I am enthusiastic about it.

There will be another photo series only about the structures of the walls. I have realized that the peeling paint – yes peeling paint – has created extremely interesting patterns on the walls and together with the remnants of the ivy plants and other decayed vines there is a bunch of coloured shadows and patterns that a visual artist simply cannot ignore sabbern. You will see what I mean – but I have to prepare the photos first. Currently I have so many ideas and future projects in my head that it is hard to set priorities…but painting finishing first now!


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